Blog Post #6, December 22, 2015 – Family Time Changes

I thought quite a bit about what the focus of my next blog post would be. It’s near the end of 2015 – would I write about the highlights of this year? The tragedies? Who the heroes were? What New Years resloutions are you making? Nah, I don’t believe in making resolutions at New Years and all of the other topics are covered by so many other people and all of the major networks. Politcs and the presidential primaries? Ugggh, no (!), I’m tiring of debates and the sensationalist political grandstanding.

I decided, instead, I would write about how family time changes when the kids are grown and have become young adults. First, some things have changed between me and my wife.  We were out to dinner recently and she remarked that our conversations are different now. No longer were we talking about the kids, their activities, what sports events or other obligations we had coming up that were kid-related. We spoke about other things that interested us, like current events, our work, trips we want to make and other things we want to do togeher.  Sure, we spoke about the kids some, but they didn’t dominate our conversations like they had in the past. 

How has time changed with the kids – those young adults I mentioned? Well, back in October I went out to Pittsburgh to hang out with the two older boys. It was Homecoming weekend at PITT. They graciously agreed to hang out with Dad so off I went. My oldest went back to reconnect with his college buddies now that he is an alumni. I knew I wouldn’t have much time with him but that was fine, the time we had together was really nice. Jesse, the middle of the three boys, was willing to spend much more time with me. That was cool. I’m including a pic of the two of us at the Homecoming game. We even tailgated before the game with some of his friends and their parents. It was an epic tailgate. These people are real pros!

PITT Homecoming 2015 – Go Panthers!

Tonight Jesse and I hung out again. This time, he’s home for Winter break and we went out for dinner together and some holiday shopping. We spoke about many interesting things that we haven’t discussed that much in the past. For one, we did not talk about the Philadelphia Eagles, and for good reason! We did talk about his high school football and what some of his old teammates are up to. Coincidentally we then ran into one of his former coaches at the restaurant. We spoke about politics, immigration, terrorism, (yes, some of those things I said above that I would not choose as my blog topic) fashion, and other “grown up” topics. It was different, and nice. 

Today I think I see my kids in a new light… as adults. Well, as young men, anyway. I remember them fondly as kids, and all of the good times from back in those days.  But I cherish the time with them today. It’s different, but different is OK. I guess I’m different now too. 
Whatever you celebrate, I wish you and your family happy holidays and all the best in 2016! God bless.


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