Patterns & Pendulums – Post #7, April 3, 2016

When I started blogging in November of last year, my goal, with the best of all intentions, was to blog weekly.  Well, someone said some road was “paved with good intentions.” I like to think I am not on that road! 200434789-001I’ve learned, without too much judgement, that there are patterns in life, and that the pendulum swings all the way one direction, then most of the back to the other direction, and eventually, it finds something like equilibrium. I was doing great in November and December, and then…it swung the other way.Here we are, in the beginning of April, finding, I hope, some equilibrium.

This got me thinking about patterns. A lot of people have New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve never been a big fan thinking that they are generally doomed to be broken. I don’t fault anyone from having them – they’re just not for me. I do, from time to time, pick pivotal points in time to make changes.

A change might be prompted by an interesting solution I learn about that seems perfect for some challenge I’ve been confronting. Or, it could be a result of experiencing enough “pain” in a situation that causes me to realize, a change is in order. It could be as simple as someone I respect suggesting to me “Have you ever thought of trying something different?”

Patterns can be very effective in some areas of my life, while “disruption” (yes, I know it’s a buzzword these days, especially as a management style, and apparently in politics now too) also has it’s place in other areas. I’ve come to learn that I should not get too comfortable to remain open to suggestions, new ideas, and to switching things up from time to time.  My life journey has shown me that change can be difficult, yet necessary and transformational.

I don’t want to get too deep so I’ll wrap it up with this. I’ll leave it for you to consider how your patterns look and what pendulums are swinging in your life. Are any changes in your life’s patterns in order? Feel free to share comments – I really enjoy others’ perspectives.

Plus, it’s getting late.


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