Where Can We Feel Safe?

How sad …

Where can we feel safe today? In our schools? The movie theatre? A military base? A concert hall? A night club?

In what other country are mass shootings, or any other mass killings, happening so frequently?  Where else do people say to each other “did you hear the news about the latest mass shooting?”

In what other country can practically anyone legally purchase a gun, much less a military-style assault rifle?  In what other country are politicians so divided along partisan lines over issues of gun control versus our “second amendment rights?”

I am not anti-gun or anti-second amendment rights.  But I am anti-senseless killing. I am anti-bullheaded, logic-bending, politically-motivated defending of gun rights policies and gun control laws that exacerbate the problem of these senseless, insane and cowardly acts of murder targeting innocent people. 

I don’t have the answers but I simply wonder HOW and WHEN will the killing end? 


One thought on “Where Can We Feel Safe?

  1. The Second Amendnent written in the 18th century did not guarentee the right in the 21st century that a populace possess weapons of mass destruction. The Constitution is living document, and anyone who does not support a ban on assault rifles, open carry laws and concealed gun permits to those other than law enforcement is merely looking for a pretext to support another agenda. Adhering to the Constitution is a rifle using a musketball. The argument of personal liberty and freedom, making it easier to hide weapons sales to global conflicts which is a billion dollar market, needs to be seen for what it is.


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