Why I Hike with Mike (& our family) for Parkinson’s Disease

Hike with Mike and Family

Seventeen years ago my brother-in-law, Mike Weinman, was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease. And, as most people already know, this disease is pretty awful. But here’s the thing – in all of the time I’ve spent with Mike, I’ve never heard him complain, not even once! 

I’ve watched the progression of the disease over these years and it’s not pretty. Yet Mike maintains an upbeat attitude and he stays very active physically and mentally.  My sister, Nessa, along with Mike and their kids, are all active advocates and fundraisers for research to find new treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s.  Every year 60,000 people are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s – one every nine minutes.

On Saturday, April 24, my wife and I will join Nessa, Mike, my mom, and other family members in NYC for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. This walk raises much needed funds for Parkinson’s Disease research. Walking and raising funds and awareness for research is my chance to help.

Why I’m supporting the Parkinson’s Unity Walk: 100% of donations go to research. The Parkinson’s Unity Walk is the largest grassroots event in the U.S., raising funds and awareness for research.

Ways to support my fundraising efforts: There’s strength in numbers so please join me in fighting this devastating disease by donating. Click here to go directly to our fundraising page. And, if you would, please share this blog post and help spread the word. My family and I all thank you for your support.


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