Day 1 – Boston 

Kim is super proud we were able to get all of our clothes and gear picked into our motorcycle luggage for our 10-day trip up the east coast to Maine. Night, our 15-year-old cat, really wanted to come with as demonstrated by him sacking out on our atlas (see pic above). 

Following an 8-hour journey starting in Media, PA, we arrived at our hotel in Boston at about 5pm. Oh, and we rode about half of the trip in a light to medium rain starting in Connecticut and lasting all the way to Boston. Thankfully we have good rain gear! A brief rest and cleaning up is followed by a wonderful dinner with friends, Jennifer and Peter – delicious Boston Italian food!

The next morning we grab a quick breakfast at Ziggy’s and then it’s off for a stroll around Boston Commons and Boston Public Gardens. 

After that, off to Maine! We stopped for lunch in Salisbury, MA at The Deck on the Merrimack River. Next stop was Kennebunkport, ME where we arrived in the late afternoon just in time for well-deserved massages at Tree House at Hidden Pond. 

A private tree house massage room – amazing! The day was capped off with dinner at a wonderful restaurant and a stroll around town. 

Check back in a day or two for more!


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