Last Days of our New England Motorcycle Vacation – 1,380 miles in 10 Days

All good things typically come to and end. This vacation was definitely one to remember and I sense we will be back in Maine again someday. Yes, we logged nearly 1,400 miles (I was temped to ride 20 more miles just to be able to say “1,400 miles”) in 10 days passing through seven states and staying in three of them. A few of those days had us on the bike for 6+ hours. I earned my “Iron Butt” credentials on this trip, for sure! 

Our final days included a stay over in Portland, ME where we saw the port area and stayed in very nice hotel – the Portland Regency Hotel and Spa. I visited the spa for a sauna, some steam and a “healing massage.”  It was helpful after spending several hours on the bike that day.  Prior to arriving in Portland we stopped in Bangor, ME, a quaint and small New England town that happens to be the home and likely setting of Stephen King and many of his novels. We made this a destination on our trip as I have read most of his books, seen the movies (of course) and he is one of my all-time favorite authors. His house is a “destination” for all fans when in Maine.  Kim took my picture in front of his home (below) and I took photos for a few other fans that we encountered there.

We made a stop at Central Maine Harley Davidson to get a shirt – my “biker” friend Andy says that you cannot have a shirt from a Harley store unless you’ve visited there yourself, otherwise it’s cheating! The shirt has a lobster riding a Harley, of course!

After one night in Portland it was on to our final stop – Greenwich, CT, home to hedge fund managers and other Wall Street elite.  But on our way to Connecticut we stopped in Ounquite, Maine, a very popular beach town, and had lunch at the Cornerstone Restaurant, famous for it’s pizzas and craft beers. The pizza we had there just might’ve been one of the best pizzas ever!  We then stopped in Perkins Cover, just nearby, for a nice view of their port. Here are some pics.


In Greenwich we stayed in a contemporary and very cool hotel called the J House Greenwich. It is an independent hotel and my pics won’t do it justice but the rooms and the restaurant are very cool, hip, whatever adjective you can think of.  The bathrooms in the rooms there are equipped with a very special kind of commode. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! Here are some pics.

Of course just like Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz, there really is no place like home. It was truly a great vacation and a wonderful, albeit delayed celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary.  But coming home to our pets and one of the kids all waiting for us was just what the doctor ordered!  Here are a few after photos including our ride, a badass Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. Thanks for following along on our trip via this blog. Stay tuned for future blog posts on a wide and random range of topics.  So long for now, and if you are a HOG rider, keep the shiny side up!

Night with his Maine Catnip treat on the way to a nice catnip buzz…

Me with my raccoon biker’s tan and my Central Maine Harley Davidson (lobster) t-shirt chillin’ at home.


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