What Starts My Day?

On several weekends, specifically Saturday and Sunday mornings while enjoying that first morning cup of coffee I have thought,”ahhh, coffee, the elixir of Gods.”  Of course I have no way of knowing if coffee is the elixir of Gods. Do Gods need elixirs? Why would they?  But it sure seems to me like a cool concept. I did a quick search and it seems that the native origin of coffee is thought to have been Ethopian with the earliest substantiated evidence of coffee drinking is from the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. 

Coffee on the fly

So this morning I am enjoying the first sip of my first cup of coffee – I will generally have maybe two or so cups on Saturdays and Sundays – and I’m thinking, “I’ll blog on this today and how much I love the first sip of the first cup of coffee, especially on weekends.”  It’s how I start my day so it’s a good blog topic, right? But actually, coffee is not how I start my day. My day starts long before that first cup of coffee.  My day starts typically by hearing an alarm of some sort. I lay there for a few minutes thinking about the day ahead. Then I pray. It’s not a long prayer, but it’s meaningful.  Then I get up, find Kim, Lola (our dog) and Pumpking (our cat). They are almost always up before me. I say good morning to all. Kim gets a kiss, Lola a belly rub, and Pumpkin gets his chin and cheeks rubbed and scratched. Eventually I get to that first cup of coffee. And then…ahhh, the elixir of Gods! How does your day start?


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