Lola Hit the Lottery

Wow, it has been too many months since my last post. No excuses, I’ve just been distracted by other things. I have a reminder set to blog on Sundays and for the past many Sundays upon seeing it I have thought, oh, I’ll do it next week. So here we finally are…

Sunday mornings are lazy mornings for me – the one day of the week when I typically stay in bed late. I love to watch CBS Sunday Morning with coffee and breakfast in bed. Yes, an indulgence to be sure.

This morning, with Lola laying right beside me as usual, I couldn’t help thinking that our pets, Lola in particular, hit the lottery when they were adopted by us. Lola came to us almost exactly one year ago. We adopted her from a nonprofit pet rescue organization about four months after losing our beloved Sydney who was about 16.5 years old when she passed. Lola, like thousands of other dogs and cats, was brought up to the Northeast from the South where there are an abundance of strays and homeless animals.

At first Lola was a little anxious periodically chewing on mostly unimportant items and getting overly whiney when we would leave the house. We felt compelled to crate her when we were gone during the day and she really didn’t mind that. Today she has lost most of that anxiety and is very comfortable and happy. In fact, she is so comfortable that she considers all of the furniture in our house and outside as her furniture. She enjoys practically everything – walks, hikes, and long car rides.

Here you can see Lola lounging on our outdoor patio furniture as we catch some rays on this almost-summer Sunday. Why do I say that Lola hit the lottery? Not just because our pets are well cared for and certainly her life is a far cry from whatever it looked like down south. The other reason is that we click so well as a “family”. She cheerfully wakes us up in the morning with licks to the face when we sleep later than usual, wants to go wherever we do, and she loves seeing our sons whenever they are back home for a visit. It’s like she knows that Elijah, Jesse, and Will are her human brothers. And she is so in tune with us, and we with her. She seems to know what the plan is at any given moment and just rolls with it. She even loves her furry feline brother, Pumpkin, and he seems to pretty much tolerate her too.

So, I frequently remark to Kim that “Lola really hit the lottery when we adopted her”. Kim is quick to remind me that we too hit the lottery. So true.


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