About Jory and His Blog

I began this blog primarily as a creative outlet. As a kid I greatly enjoyed creative writing and journalism. As I’m sure happens to many people, through the years other things became more important than my passion for writing and creative expression – things like my career, and work, my family, and more. I do some writing in my professional work as well as in my volunteer work but blogging has been fun and cathartic. These blog posts are mostly just musings covering a broad spectrum of topics and thoughts. I hope that something clicks with you. If so, please let me know! Also feel free to share my posts with others that might enjoy them. 

I grew up in Southern California and moved to the Philadelphia area in 1986. I have a wonderful family including my wife (the best partner ever!), and three amazing sons. Oh, and currently we have a dog (Lola) and a cat (Pumpkin). Family is of utmost importance to me. Helping others and philanthropy is way up there on my list too. Finally,we own a Harley Davison Softail Classic and many weekends my wife and I can be found losing ourselveves by tooling around the countryside on our bike.


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